On 12 April WDBC confirmed in its Decision Statement, the suitability of the MACK Plan to proceed to Referendum following the agreement of the Examiner’s Report by WDBC, MAGPC and Kelly Parish Meeting and the satisfactory incorporation of the Examiner’s recommendations into the MACK Plan.  The Referendum will take place on 23 June 2022.  The WDBC Decision Statement and the Referendum Version of the MACK Plan are below:

WDBC Decision Statement

Decision statement

MACK Plan (Referendum Version) and Appendices

MACK Plan Referendum Version

Appendix 2-1 Designation Statement

Appendix 2-2 MACK Environment Study

Appendix 2-2 Annex A Wildlife Resource

Appendix 2-3 A-B MACK Heritage Assets

Appendix 2-4 MACK Design Statement

Appendix 2-5 MACK Site Assessment 

MACK Plan Referendum Version – References