January 2021 News

January 2021 News

MACK Plan Printed Version Distribution

The MACK Plan is now printed and our intention had been to hand deliver a copy to each household this coming weekend.  However, even though there is probably enough leeway in the lockdown rules to get away with hand delivery, doing so is not in the spirit of the lockdown and however minimal the risk might be, the welfare of residents must take priority.  We have therefore decided to distribute the hard copies to you by Royal Mail which should now arrive by post by the end of next week.  The deadline for comments will remain 20 February.

MACK Plan Team

Newsletter January 2020

MACKPLan Consultancy in full swing!

The official consultancy programme on the draft MACKPLan has now reached the halfway stage. The Regulation 14 Consultancy will finish on the 20th of February 2021.

The MACKPLan team are very pleased that many residents have sent in comments either by posting them on the MACKPLan website mackplan.org.uk or by sending them by email. Hard copies of the draft plan have been sent to 442 households in the MACKPLan area. If you have not received a hard copy, then please send an email to garyvanstone@btinternet.com and we will endeavour to get a copy to you.

A number of the comments received have supported the housing policy proposed in the draft plan, including the choice of proposed building sites. These sites were recommended by the AECOM independent site review.

If residents support these site proposals then we would like to hear from you.The more support we receive the more likely we are to be able resist planning applications which could undermine the MACKPlan proposals.

As well as residents the draft MACKPLan has been sent to 43 Statutory Consultees (such as WDBC, Devon County Council, English Heritage etc), local landowners and local organisations.
Once the consultation period is over any changes to the plan as a result of comments received will be published on the MACKPLan website.

Mackplan Admin

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