The MACK Plan has now completed Regulation 17.  During this stage of the neighbourhood planning process the MACK Plan and its accompanying documents, together with all resident and statutory consultee representations, have been reviewed by an external and independent examiner.  The examiner’s questions, the responses to those questions and the examiner’s final report are below.  The recommendations in the final report have been agreed by WDBC, MAGPC and Kelly Parish Meeting.

Initial Comments of the Independent Examiner (41 downloads)

WDBC and MACK Plan committee joint response to the Initial Comments of the Independent Examiner

MACK Plan Reg 17 Examiner Response - V2 (76 downloads)

Annex A - Methodology Underpinning the Proposed Milton Abbot Settlement Boundary final (25 downloads)

Annex B - MACK Plan Boundary vs TVAONB (19 downloads)

Annex C - MACK Plan Responses to WDBC Reg 16 Comments 2 (20 downloads)

Annex E - MAVS Capacity (20 downloads)

Council response Letter to SlaterJ v10 (13 downloads)

Regulation 17 Examiner’s Report

Reg 17 Examiner’s Report (34 downloads)