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The MACK Plan is now in Regulation 16 Consultation

On 22 Jul, with the endorsement of the Parish Council, the Regulation 15 MACK Plan was submitted to WDBC.  This updated version of the MACK Plan reflects the outcome of the Regulation 14 consultation which took place from Dec 2020 to Feb 2021.  The package of documents can be viewed on the Regulation 15 MACK Plan Submission tab above or by clicking here.  The documents submitted include the following:

  • The MACK Plan and all its appendices
  • The Consultation Statement – which documents all consultation conducted in the production of the MACK Plan, including all comments received and our responses to them.
  • The Basic Conditions Statement – which demonstrates the MACK Plan’s compliance with, amongst other things, national and regional planning policy.
  • All the references and evidence that have been used in the production of the MACK Plan.

WDBC will now consult formally on this document for a period of 6 weeks from Monday 16th August 2021 to Monday 27th September 2021.  The MACK Plan and its accompanying documentation are now also accessible on the WDBC website:  To view the responses to comments made during the Regulation 14 consultation please see Appendix C to the Consultation Statement.

The consultation is taking place during a period when Government restrictions relating to COVID 19 will be in place. The Government have issued guidance regarding consultation processes during these difficult times which can be accessed on the following link:–2#covid-19.  Having considered this advice, West Devon Borough Council, following discussions with the MACK Plan Committee, have decided to proceed with this consultation. In order to take account of the restrictions and only in the rare cases where households do not have access to the internet, hard copies of the MACK Plan will be made available if requested subject to necessary Covid19 precautions being adhered to.  Please contact Mr J Hitchcock on 07718 494266 if do not have internet access and would like a hard copy of the MACK Plan.
If you wish to respond to this WDBC run consultation, whether to register your support or to raise your concern, please do so by email to SW-Neighbourhood Planning at: or by post to Neighbourhood Planning, South Hams District Council, Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes TQ9 5NE. If you wish to comment online please click the following link:  If WDBC do not hear from you before the 27th September 2021 it will be assumed that you have no comments to make.

On completion of the Regulation 16 consultation  the MACK Plan and any comments received will be sent by WDBC to an independent examiner for formal review.  When any changes directed by the examiner have been incorporated to WDBC’s satisfaction, they will arrange for a local referendum on the plan at which time we will all get the opportunity to vote.  If the plan is agreed by more than 50% of those who vote, the plan will come into force providing protection for our community’s future.

About MACKPlan

This is the website of the Milton Abbot, Chillaton and Kelly Neighbourhood Planning Team, known as the MACKPlan team.  

We are a group of local residents helping to prepare a Neighbourhood  Plan for our area.  The team use this site to make their work publicly available and to invite feedback on their progress.

Milton Abbott

What is a Neighbourhood  Plan and what will it do?

In 2014, Milton Abbot Grouped Parish Council and Kelly Parish Meeting agreed to create a neighbourhood plan covering their combined areas. Its purpose is to give local people greater control over what kind of development takes place in their area, where it is and what it looks like.


The Borough Council will have to take MACKPlan into account when it decides on planning applications.  But, because MACKPlan will have that legal status, there are rules about what it can cover.

  • It must reflect relevant national and local planning policies and contain proposals for the provision of the indicative number of new homes specified in the Joint Local Plan which covers West Devon as well, as other neighbouring planning authorities.
  • It must be based on what local people want and be approved by them in a referendum.
  • As well as influencing new development, it is about maintaining successful, sustainable communities and protecting and enhancing the special character of our area.


The key to a successful Neighbourhood Plan is the body of evidence that needs to be gathered in order to support the policies contained in the plan. The 3 key sources of evidence are the:


We aim to keep the local community involved with our progress and WE NEED YOUR VIEWS TO STEER OUR PROPOSALS. We will endeavour to be represented at local events and holding public meetings. These will be aimed at explaining our progress and getting your input.

If you wish to be kept informed as we progress, you can sign up to the MACKPlan email newsletter by clicking here.

Support provided by the Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme led by Locality in association with RTPI/Planning Aid England and partners, available through the My Community Rights website.