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MACK Plan Printed Version Distribution

The MACK Plan is now printed and our intention had been to hand deliver a copy to each household this coming weekend.  However, even though there is probably enough leeway in the lockdown rules to get away with hand delivery, doing so is not in the spirit of the lockdown and however minimal the risk might be, the welfare of residents must take priority.  We have therefore decided to distribute the hard copies to you by Royal Mail which should now arrive by post by the end of next week.  The deadline for comments will remain 20 February.

MACK Plan Team

Newsletter December 2020

Draft MACKPlan released – your chance to review it!

You are hopefully aware of the work that has taken place to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for our community at the request of our Parish Council.  This plan, the MACK Plan, is now ready for you to read.  This is your opportunity to comment on the plan before it is formally submitted to West Devon Borough Council where it is subject to further consultation and formal examination before being put to a vote at a Referendum for all residents of our parishes.

The Draft Plan is now available to view on our website We do hope you will visit it and make your comments using the comment facility on the website.

We also plan to distribute hard copies of the draft plan to all households in the MACKplan area, this will be done in early January 2021.

The draft plan is based on evidence that has been gathered from the community during various surveys undertaken during the last 3 years. This evidence is also available on the website

The draft plan covers a number of areas crucial to the future of our community and makes a number of policy proposals and recommendations for community actions.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • Housing needs of the community.
  • Environmental issues – how to preserve our exceptional landscape.
  • The local economy
  • Policy proposals on local infrastructure, affordable homes, amenity spaces, housing density and design.

Most importantly there are recommendations on where the future development of 20 new homes should take place (this is the number allocated to the area by the regional plan). These proposals are based on an independent survey of 10 submitted sites which was undertaken by a national company called AECOM.

Please take the opportunity to read the draft plan either on-line or the hard copy that will be delivered to your door and let us know your views

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About MACKPlan

This is the website of the Milton Abbot, Chillaton and Kelly Neighbourhood Planning Team, known as the MACKPlan team.  

We are a group of local residents helping to prepare a Neighbourhood  Plan for our area.  The team use this site to make their work publicly available and to invite feedback on their progress.

What is a Neighbourhood  Plan and what will it do?

In 2014, Milton Abbot Grouped Parish Council and Kelly Parish Meeting agreed to create a neighbourhood plan covering their combined areas. Its purpose is to give local people greater control over what kind of development takes place in their area, where it is and what it looks like.

The Borough Council will have to take MACKPlan into account when it decides on planning applications.  But, because MACKPlan will have that legal status, there are rules about what it can cover.

  • It must reflect relevant national and local planning policies and contain proposals for the provision of the indicative number of new homes specified in the Joint Local Plan which covers West Devon as well, as other neighbouring planning authorities.
  • It must be based on what local people want and be approved by them in a referendum.
  • As well as influencing new development, it is about maintaining successful, sustainable communities and protecting and enhancing the special character of our area.

In 2017 a questionnaire was circulated to residents asking for their views on development and other related topics.

To find out what local residents thought about the issues raised in the questionnaire, please go to the Residents Questionnaire page.

Due to a number of the original team members being no longer able to continue the team was restructured at the beginning of 2019. We now have a strong team determined to progress this important work.

We aim to keep the local community involved with our progress and WE NEED YOUR VIEWS TO STEER OUR PROPOSALS. In the near future, we will be attending a number of local events and holding public meetings. These will be aimed at explaining our progress and getting your input.

If you wish to be kept informed as we progress, you can sign up to the MACKPlan email newsletter by clicking here.

Support provided by the Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme led by Locality in association with RTPI/Planning Aid England and partners, available through the My Community Rights website.