Newsletter February 2021

Newsletter February 2021

Regulation 14 Consultation Closes

 The 8 1/2 week MACK Plan Regulation 14 consultation period is now complete.  Thank you to all those who took the time and made the effort to submit comments. As well as consulting with residents we were legally required to consult with organisations such as Devon County Council, Natural England etc, also local landowners/agents and local organisations.

The MACK Plan Committee will now review all the comments that have been received whether from residents or from statutory consultees.  Where appropriate, we will amend the plan to reflect the comments that we have received.  All comments, our response to them and any resulting amendments to the MACK Plan will be incorporated into a formal document that is known as the Consultation Statement.  We will publish a section of this on the website so that you can see our response to your comments and any changes to the MACK Plan that have resulted. We will issue another Newsletter when this full schedule of comments and responses is available on the website.

The amended version of the MACK Plan then becomes known as the Regulation 15 version.  The preparation and checking of this updated plan will probably be completed in April.  It, along with the Consultation Statement, the Evidence Base and various other documents are then formally submitted to WDBC.  We will publish the documents in this Regulation 15 submission on the MACK Plan website when they are submitted. WDBC will then publicise a second period of consultation on the MACK Plan which will last for 6 weeks.  This is known as Regulation 16 and gives you a second opportunity to comment.

Thank you again to all who have commented.

MACK Plan Team
Mackplan Admin

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